The story of Cuétara is an exciting story of more than 80 years of effort and love for making cookies. Decade after decade, generation after generation, always with respect for artisanal tradition, but with an innovative character. Proud to continue being, and always trying to be, the best.

Over the years, Cuétara's Biscuits have created unique recipes and varieties that have captivated generations for their originality and authenticity. These are tasty products, with a lot of tradition, without losing their innovative touch.

Find out a little more about these delicious cookies:

Biscuits Maria: The Classic Biscuits

Maria da Cuétara, good luck, as you can't miss them at home. To eat plain, dipped in milk or spread with endless combinations. An essential staple in our pantry.

Maria Biscuit: If you think about balls, I'm sure the one that first comes to mind is the classic Maria Redonda and with the classic Maria cookie design. It is inevitable because we have all thrown, and continue to throw, Maria balls. When we really like something, it becomes a classic.

Maria Oro Cookie: Maria Oro has always been the star of family snacks. A classic biscuit that simply makes us feel at home. A fresh orange juice, a glass of milk and a big plate of Maria Oro Biscuits are all you need to have a great day.

Tostada Biscuit: Tostada is a good base to combine butter, fresh cheese, chocolate cream... Some prefer to make a “stuffed sandwich” with them, and others prefer spread with a thin layer, without leaving the edges. At home, everyone has their own way, but everyone agrees, the best Tostada is Cuetara’s.

Ricanela Biscuits: The best coffee companion

Who knows if it's because of its irresistible cinnamon note or the soft, crunchy layer of granulated sugar. The only certainty is that, once you try it, you won't be able to give up its flavour. Close your eyes and turn your coffee routine into a magical moment. A perfect date. Who can resist this whim?

A cup of coffee steaming between your hands, the crunchy sound of Ricanela da Cuetara on your palate... is there a better combination? Crispy, light and with just the right touch of cinnamon that makes them unmistakable.

Surtido Biscuits: Tastes Better When Shared

Around a Surtido Cuetara, there are beautiful moments shared. A celebration, a reunion or simply a cup of coffee. With family or friends, any excuse is good to share.

Each Surtido Cuetara is a box full of opportunities to enjoy and share. Cinnamon, chocolate or stuffed... Open your Cuetara assortment and choose your favourite.

Choco Flakes: The craziest breakfast in the universe

The cereals coated in biscuits and with the most authentic chocolate chips in the world. There is nothing like it in any other galaxy. Are you in?


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