Famous on the beaches of entire Brasil coastline, coalho cheese is a very Brazilian delicacy produced for over 150 years. Although there are no historical records about its inventor, what is known is that it emerged in the northeast. In fact, this fact explains why the region is the largest producer of cheese. Since then, the coalho cheese has gained territories far beyond the beaches, being an ingredient in salads, snacks, barbecues, snacks and other tasty dishes such as baião de dois. What are the benefits of coalho cheese? If it comes to nutrients, the attributes of this cheese are undeniable. It is a great source of protein, vitamin B12 and calcium. In addition, it is part of the group of probiotic foods, which contain bacteria that help regulate intestinal flora, fighting problems such as constipation. Here's why coalho cheese deserves a special place on your table: • Reduces bad cholesterol: the intake of this food not only helps to regulate the intestines but also provides butyrate, a substance that favors the proper functioning of intestinal cells. A healthier gut is able to produce even more butyrate, which helps lower high levels of bad cholesterol. • Increases the feeling of satiety: because it is a protein-rich ingredient, cheese helps to increase the feeling of satiety. • Regulates intestinal transit: because it is a food with probiotic content, it is an ally of gut health, which is not only reflected in the digestive system, but also contributes to the strengthening of the organism as a whole. • Helps healthy bones and teeth: a diet with an adequate amount of calcium helps keep teeth and bones healthy, preventing problems such as osteoporosis, for example. How is coalho cheese made? The great differential of coalho cheese is its production, which is carried out by fermentation and coagulation and which takes digestive enzymes in the process. The result is a white cheese, slightly salty, slightly acidic and very tasty, which can be baked or fried without melting. Source:

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