600g Medium size Shrimp peeled and clean
100g Large size Shrimp
1 kg Squids
2 cups of Parboil Rice 
4 cups of Water
1 cups of Fresh Peas                                     
2 chopped and peeled Tomatoes
2 chopped Onions
6 chopped Garlic Cloves
½ Red Pepper in strips
½ Yellow Pepper in strips
Saffron to taste
Olive Oil to taste
Salt to taste

1. For decoration, sauté the large shrimp with a little chopped garlic and salt. Also reserve for decoration with few strips of colourful peppers.
2. In a large frying pan, sauté the onion and garlic with olive oil. Add the peppers, tomato and the squid.
3. Add fresh peas, rice and saffron. Sauté a little more and add water and salt to taste.
4. After 10 minutes of cooking, add medium prawns. Cook until the water is dry.
5. Decorate with the large size shrimps and the colourful peppers strips.

code 00386-0653 - miolo de camarao 40/60 cong. drf gelpeixe 250gr –retirar na loja
code 00266-1563 - camarao selv. madag. (30-40) kg - retirar na loja
code 00151/644 - lula inteira limpa (calib.10-20)gelpeixe 900gr - retirar na loja
code 2177b/164 - arroz camil parboil tipo 1 1kg
code 8729-0990 - tomotoes diamir whole peeled 390gr
code 8736-0990 - sweet red peppers choice diamir 390gr
code 11014/279 - olive oil carm praemium extra virgin bio 250ml
code 9034-1142 - sal cisne refinado extra pet br 500gr

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