The secret of high-quality meats is not only this ageing process. Another important aspect is the choice of meats. For this reason, Carnes Jacinto gives priority to how cattle are selected on farms and follows the same methods that were used 30 or 40 years ago; he prefers an artisan way of working and tries to stay away from the industrialisation of the meat sector where cattle is produced in series. So for this company, interacting with the animals and witnessing how they are bred and raised before sacrificing them is essential. And here he sits up: “We have many of the best indigenous races in the world: galega minhota, marinhoa, arouquesa, barrosã, mirandesa and cachena.” And he adds with pride: “Not only that, the farmer in Portugal treats the animal as if it were someone part of the family and breeds it and feeds it in very good conditions for 12, 15 or even up to 27 years, something that is not done in other countries. That gives the meat an unparalleled flavour and texture.”

Did you know about these Special Cuts?

TOMAHAWK: The Tomahawk steak is actually Ribeye's older brother. With an unusual and relatively new cut, it features a particularly long rib arch, which impresses true meat lovers. The origin of the name of this section comes from its long costal arch, which resembles that of the ancient weapon of the Indians. Ideal for grilling over coals, and sharing with friends.

T-BONE: The T-shaped bone in the meat gave the T-Bone steak its name. In this popular section, the bone separates the flat roast meat from the smaller filet of the back. With this impressive cut, you have access to a product that is at the forefront of true steak lovers, derived from its super tender meat, with splendid marbling and an intense taste experience. Ideal for grilling over coals, and sharing with friends.

RIBEYE PREMIUM: Ribeye, known for the fat eye, because it is difficult to ignore, is one of the most marbled sections of meat. Ribeye is extremely tasty, soft and occupies a prominent place in the panorama of the best international cuisine. Ideal for grilling on the coals or in the frying pan.

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Source: Carnes Jacinto, or the pride of being portuguese | FaceFoodMag

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