Although the exact origin of the jam is uncertain, it is assumed that it emerged, a long time ago, as an important step in food preservation, managing to extend the shelf life of the fruit.

Even without having a confirmed origin, it is speculated that the jams have an Arab origin, more specifically, they come from the Mesopotamian civilization, which used them more for medicinal purposes, since the fruits played an important role in the treatment of various diseases. Regardless of its origin, the fact is that jelly is still a very popular sweet! And all flavors are welcome, from fruits such as blackberries, strawberries, grapes, peaches, guava and pepper! Yes, pepper jelly! Super hot nowadays, ideal for those looking for something more than a simple fruit sweet.

With a very characteristic flavor and aroma, pepper jam is a slightly sweet food, with a spicy touch and sometimes with a slight salty taste. Contrary to what many people think, pepper jam is one of the most versatile sweets out there, as it mixes flavors that match almost anything you can imagine.

And it is precisely this explosion of flavors that makes pepper jam very versatile and pleases different tastes. Want to try pepper jam but are you afraid? The tip, then, is to experiment little by little, believe me, you will be surprised!


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