Vidago mineral water is a natural carbon dioxide water, "very rare", and was "discovered" by a local farmer in the 19th century.

Vidago water is one of the richest alkaline waters in the world. Its therapeutic and curative properties, scientifically proven, are indicated to facilitate digestion, decongest the liver or help clean the kidneys, among others.

For many decades, Águas de Vidago has been part of the daily life and memory of the people of the village. Due to its excellent therapeutic properties, it became famous and, at the beginning of the 20th century, became the main tourist resort in Portugal, among the largest in the Iberian Peninsula, a favorite destination for the Portuguese and European aristocracy.


. Did the Romans already use Vidago water to drink and wash the body, because they believed that it cured their illnesses?

. In 1863, a local farmer named Manuel de Sousa, when returning from work in the field, leaned over a small spring of water and, although he found it spicy, immediately felt relief in his stomach. This man suffered from digestive problems and, as he felt an immediate sense of well-being after drinking the water, he drank it again in the days that followed. The truth is that Manuel de Sousa made his discovery known and soon the news spread…

. The Vidago source bottled 500,000 bottles a year. Bottling was carried out from sunrise to midnight, by shifts of 4 women and 3 men. The sale was made in the "Pharmacias of the kingdom", having been awarded in 1878, 1889 and 1893, in the International Exhibitions of Vienna, Philadelphia, Madrid, Paris and Bordeaux, with gold medals and diplomas of honor.


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