It is in the vineyard that everything begins. The ecophysiology of the vine creates the elegance and the balance of each bottle of wine!

Portugal has a rich cultural heritage associated with wine. The strong wine tradition is present in all regions of the national territory, which over time has seen this heritage pass from generation to generation.

Recognized throughout the world, Portuguese wines enjoy great diversity and uniqueness. Its distinct characteristics are closely related to the relationship with the territory itself, clearly marked by geographical diversity.

The richness of the continental territory ranges from the green and lush landscapes of the northwest, passing through the winding slopes of the Douro, the interior and coast, the flatlands of the Tejo River, the extensive plains of the Alentejo and the beaches of the entire Algarve.  In Madeira and the Azores Islands, the volcanic soils and the Atlantic climate give them a unique natural wealth.

As in wines, tradition and diversity are also seen in gastronomy. From traditional meat dishes, such as the typical Portuguese stew, to fresh seafood and fish, including conventual cheeses and sweets, Portuguese cuisine is rich and varied. And for each delicacy, there is a good wine to pair.

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