Viticulture has deep roots in the Tejo, announced as one of the oldest wine-producing regions in the country. Vineyards have graced the banks of the Tejo River since Roman times, and the influence of ancient wine-producing cultures is evident in the many architectural relics that dot the landscape.

Previously known as Ribatejo, since 2009 the region has been simply called Tejo, a tribute to the river that defined its landscape, climate and economy for centuries.

The river is also responsible for shaping the distinctive terroirs of the Tejo region, making the surrounding plains and riverbanks an ideal terrain for growing grapes native to Portugal.

With a focus on quality and balance, Tejo wines are some of the most vibrant and affordable wines produced in Portugal today, offering a wide range of attractive styles for all tastes and budgets.

The red grape varieties native to the Tejo include Touriga Nacional - the Portuguese variety par excellence - as well as the Trincadeira, Castelão and Aragonês varieties. The aromatic Fernão Pires and the Arinto vivacious produce some of the most refreshing white wines in the region.

These native varieties thrived in warm climates and complex soils in the Tejo region, maintaining high natural acidity, to produce balanced wines with rich fruit characteristics.


Recognized for its splendid wines, the Tejo region has immense versatility in wine production.

Creating unique wines, full of particularities, these terroirs are the shelter of grape varieties chosen and meticulously cultivated, which is reflected in some of the most vibrant wines in the country.

From whites to reds, without ever forgetting liqueurs and sparkling wines, the balance of the Tejo' productions is admirable, with a wide offer for all tastes.

Red Tejo wines pair with elaborated meals like dishes of red meats with sauce, for example, Rossini Beef Tenderloin.

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