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With over 25 years in the food business, we strive to bring high quality food to your table, every day. Discover the incredible tastes that have made our Delicatessens so popular. 


With our physical and online stores, we ensure that we are close to you, every time you need us! We are proud to offer our customers a wide range of Portuguese, Brazilian and Spanish products, from essential goods to premium selections.

At our stores you will find: 


A wide selection of Premium Charcuterie such as black pig and Bísaro, authentic and unique Portuguese tastes. Our experienced staff will guide you through our range of limited-edition cured hams, including Ibérico and Bísaro.  


An exquisite selection of Olive Oils, Jams, with traditional options such as strawberry and peach to a more exotic flavours such as Pineapple and Mint, Organic Açaí and Banana, Guava Jam.

Discover a big display of artisan cheeses, hand-selected to offer you the best quality.  

From Bio Honey to the lavender fields of Portugal - our exceptional range of honey and syrups are a must for your breakfast table.  

Our exceptional sauces and condiments that will spice up your home cooking!

At Delicias we are leaders in the Portuguese salted cod market. At our stores you will find cods with a variety of cures and sizes, as Yellow cured cod, Vintage Cod, Jumbo, Special Cod and many more.  


Explore your palate and discover a dazzling range of liquid treasures in our Wine Cellar! Hailing from the best Portuguese winemakers from all regions of the country, our selection of wine will exceed your expectations. Each bottle offers the very best in provenance, with a multitude of vintages and variations in flavours, age, and price points.

The Deli is home, to an ever-evolving range of ready-to-eat dishes, all prepared to perfection on-site by our experienced staff. Land of freshly baked bread, delicious pastries and the irresistible flavour of coffee and tea, our stores promise a decadent feast for all the senses. Think vibrant salads, homemade sandwiches, premium cuts of meat and more.  


We are passionate to ensure our customers enjoy a great experience.

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